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Touchdown Club

Message From President of Westlake High School Tounchdown Club Inc.,

From the Desk of  The President of Westlake Lions

Touchdown Club, Inc.

Emmanuel Avraham



                     Message from the Desk of The President 



Greetings All, 


My name is Emmanuel Avraham and I'm the new President of Westlake High School Touchdown Club Booster Club. This letter comes as an open appeal in our quest to ensure that our sons have every meaningful opportunity that can be made available to them in order to reach their greatest potential.


I'm so sick of hearing that when our sons travel to other communities they see how much their communities come together to invest in their Booster Clubs and kids. However, when it comes to our sons we don't support them like other ethnic groups support their young men. Fannie Lou Hammer said it best "I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired." 


While we all are fully aware of the continuous challenges facing our young men, it is my belief that we can not only produce a winning team - we in fact can achieve academic excellence during the same process with each of our sons maintaining at least a 3.30 GPA. This is achievable! 


Please review YouTube clip Message: 


Doing our last season Westlake Football Team under first year Coach Reid went further than any other team in the history of Westlake High School Lions Football by making it to Semi Finals as a 7A team. We made it one game short for playing in the 7A championship game.  Our goal this year is to be able to play in the new Mercedes-Benz football stadium here in Atlanta Georgia and next year reach a level with a National Playing Schedule. Our sons are that good! 


Parents this is an open appeal to you that the Time and Challenge is facing us all to roll up our sleeves to ensure that each and every one of our sons be able to go on to the collegiate level. That's either based upon their abilities of receiving a football scholarship or based upon their abilities academically in the classroom. 


We have all the elements here at Westlake High School surrounding our young men - to not only prove to them but the entire World that we within the Westlake TouchDown Club - Booster Club community care about our sons just as much as other communities; and we are willing to grind until we reach our goals. 


We are going to need each of you to prove the naysayers WRONG! 


We need volunteerism from each of you, not only your financial support for the fees, but we need you to be engaged in "all" of our fundraising efforts. We need you, your families and friends to become active. 


We expect 100% of parental involvement (We are going to assure that "All Parents" can watch their son play).


It is my vision that all our sons will know that my family gave me unconditional support during my experience in high school. 


Failure is not an option. Westlake High School TouchDown Club must become one that will become a model across our country not only for our community but for all communities to take notes on "best practices" to support our children.


Please review my seven point plan. 


7 Point Plan:


1.) We need to work together diligently to become 100% paying fees and volunteerism TouchDown Club (TDC).


2.) Increase parental involvement for in season and out of season activities.


3.) Work to insure that Westlake High School becomes a National High School Football Program, complete with a National Level Schedule. We are a 7A Team; our young men can compete against schools from Texas, California, Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Oregon, and Alabama. 


4.) Increase our fundraising efforts so that we will have surplus for the following years. Become more creative with outside of the box fundraising methods.


5.) Improve methods that begin to develop young men and parents in surrounding middle schools to prepare them for the Westlake High School Football program.


6.) To develop and seek additional funds to assist our struggling athletes academically and improve their SAT/ACT. Provide weekend tutorial services year round. It's my vision to assure that "all" our sons are on track to graduate and attend college. All must maintain a 3.30 gpa. 


7.) Create a program that provides life skills cognitive training and mentorship program through fostering relationships by sharing team members fathers' with other young men that lack strong father figures, and strong positive role models in their lives. I firmly believe, "It Takes a Village to Raise a Child".



Let's Go Lions! 


Emmanuel Avraham 

President of Westlake High School 

TouchDown Club, Inc.

Touchdown Club


2017 - 19 Officers and Committee Chairs

*President - Emmanuel S. Avraham

*Vice President - Corey Smth

*Treasurer - Ursala James

*Assistant Treasurer - Audrey Hicks

                                 - Anthony Girtman

*Secretary - Tabitha Moore

*Parliamentarian - Stephen Lloyd

*Grade Representatives: 

*9th Grade -  Teresa Richardson, Claude Dixon, Ricky Almond                                   

*10th Grade -  Antoinette White, LaShaunda Jimpson, Monica lloyd                             

*11th Grade -  Angela Spivey, LaShaun Spivey, Rasia Reeves                              

*12th Grade  -  Rita Pringle, Marcus Reed

(*) Executive Committee

Appointed Positions are: 

Concessions Manager - 

Community Service Manager - 

Fundraising Manager - Chef Byron Green


Committees and Chairpersons:



Community Relations/Media



Game Day

Special Events-  

Pre/Post Game Meals 

Hospitality -    Tabitha Moore

Scholarship & Collegiate Relations 

Mom’s Club -

Dad’s Club -


Email -

Twitter - @westlaketdclub


Concession Stand Information


The Concession Stand is the major source of funding for our football program. It is critical that each family is ALL IN and honor their assignment to the concession stand schedule. It is expected that at least one parent/guardian of each player work the concession stand for your assigned game(s).(Works out to be about 1 game per family for the regular season.)
The following are important points about the concession stand:
1. Arrival time for a varsity game is usually no later than 5:30 p.m. unless otherwise communicated. For JV/Freshman games, arrive one hour prior to game time. The reason for this is that there is food to be prepped, and the concession stand requires set-up time - hot dogs grilled, cheese melted for nachos, etc…
2. There will be at least 10-12 people assigned to each game. While this seems like a lot…it’s what is necessary to operate all the stations effectively. Please do not assume that you are not needed. Everyone is needed. This will facilitate the lines moving and make it easier for everyone.
3. If you have a conflict with the schedule, it is your responsibility to secure a replacement. 
4. FRESHMAN AND SOPHOMORE parents will work the varsity schedule.
5. JUNIOR AND SENIOR parents will work the JV/9th Grade schedule.
6. FRESHMEN parents will work the Playoff Schedule. If there are more playoff games than FRESHMEN parents can fill, then SOPHOMORE parents will work the remaining games.
7. You must sign in at the concession stand upon arrival. For those of you who have never worked at the concession stand, Ms Spivey, Concessions Coordinator, will provide a short orientation prior to the start of your shift. Every effort is made to assign experienced parents to each shift.
8. Parents working concession will pay admission to the game and  afterwards receive refunds with ticket stub. Only working parents will receive a refund.
9. Working the concession stand includes after game clean up. We ask that you remain at the concession stand until the stand is cleaned and orderly. A concession stand manager will be there to assist and lock up.
10. Small children are not allowed in the concession stand. (This is a school rule.)
11. Finally, for most visitors to our school, the workers in the concession stand will be the only contacts they will personally make with representatives of our school and football program.  The impression they form of our school and our football program will be formed by their experience there – let’s do our best to show them our pride in our school and our program by making that impression a favorable one.


2017 Concessions Shift Schedule